Welcome to Bass and Pike – Offering Unique Products Featuring Lake and Beach Communities!

Some of my favorite memories were made near a body of water. That’s why I created Bass and Pike – a brand featuring lake and beach communities. I’m Christy, and I also write books, create coloring books, and have a speaking ministry. Most of the products on Bass and Pike feature a specific lake or beach communities, but I’ve also included some of my coloring books and other items as well. It’s a smorgasbord of sorts.

Why is it named after two fish? Good question. You’re reading the words of a woman who doesn’t even like fish – eating them or touching them, so the name is quite ironic.

Many summers, our family of five spends a week of vacation at a lake. During the evenings of these trips, my husband gathers our three kids and tells them epic adventure stories that he’s “written” in his head (I guess I’m not the only author in the family). They involve a lake and three children who happen to be the same ages as our kids. I LOVE these moments. Even as our kids have grown older, they still look forward to the stories, and I try to seer the images of their sun-kissed faces in my mind while I watch their wide eyes lock on their dad. All that to say, two of the main characters in the stories are named Bass and Pike. Yep. That’s where I got the idea for the name. It’s not really about the fish, it’s about those memories of family, fun, and adventure near the water.

So, if you came here looking for fishing lures or advice about large-mouth bass, I’m afraid you’re out of luck. But, welcome anyway!

I’m glad you are here. No matter what brought you! I hope you enjoy browsing the items on this site! And may your scrolling bring you a little splash of joy!

If you’re curious to learn more about my other books, my speaking ministry, why I’m a “Cancer Mom,” and about a Bible Curriculum I wrote for kids, you can find it all on my website, ChristyCabe.com